One thought on “Now on Amazon!

  1. Saw interview on channel 2 just now….so interesting

    Just a note: I fell and hit my face by my eye on a picnic table at 8 years old. I realized I was in the air (high up) and watched events on the ground. (Amazing) I saw my friend Beverly run to get her mother and she coming out to the porch with her apron on and a dish towel on her shoulder. My thought were “ oh no Bevs mom was going to be upset with me…..she ran and stood over me but then touched my shoulder I was back on the ground. I am 72 now and try to give compassion and hope to others that are open to the thought. My husband just died this past March and I have confidence he is ok
    and still have my tears and moments of loss. Blessing for you and your family is all true ❣️


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